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Why Use iGram for Instagram Downloader

The iGram application is a free online tool that enables you download any content (videos, stories, photos, reels) from Instagram platform to watch offline later or using for social media strategy.

With the help of iGram downloader, you can enjoy super fast downloads, safe and quality video and the ability to download from any public accounts.

Also using iGram, you can save your favorite content in its original resolution.

Fast Instagram Video Downloader

Reels videos are very popular on Instagram, and we often come across many useful videos we want to save on our devices; that’s why iGram tool was made. You can easily save & download any video from Instagram to watch at anytime on any device like smartphone/tablet or computer.

Anonymous Instagram Stories and Posts Downloader

iGram app helps you download content in many supported formats (Mp4 for video and JPG/PNG for photo), so you can use it with any software  for your works or on other social media networks to share with friends/followers.

Secure Instagram Photo Downloader

We all know Instagram has a lot of content, including reel videos, status,comments, posts, and but it is popular for one main reason: photos & pictures sharing. Unlike Facebook, Insta doesn’t offer users any option to download photos on their devices, even though both social networks are from META. You can do all these easily in just a few clicks with iGram app.

How to Use iGram App